Who We Are

We are a fully integrated company with expertise in both medical grade Cannabis and Kratom. Our operation includes upstream (indoor cultivation), midstream (extraction) to downstream (medical grade products). We place emphasis on quality, efficacy and purity and continual research in creating premium medical grade products.

What We Do

Dr. CBD aspires to follow the royal determination involving public hygiene and alternative medicine in a bid to raise the Thai people’s quality of life. Our extension of service, Dr. CBD Cannabis Clinic is an alternative holistic clinic that focuses on disease prevention while providing a personalized level of care to meet the individual requirements of each patient. Our Cannabis clinics also promote holistic care and treatment incorporating Thai Traditional Medicine along with Modern Therapy to provide the highest level of health treatment.


We made the CBD Medical Grade, that customer able to track our plants to make sure that safety, Zero-toxicity and consistency in our laboratories.

Pornchai Padmindra
CEO & Founder

"We made brand to be Medical Based, and now it's time to be National Strategic"

Duncan Macrae

A decades worth of engineering—Duncan Macrae realized shortly after he first introduced kratom powder to the commercial world that the future was all about purity, expressly—Mitragynine. From this point forward, the race was on!

DR. KRATOM BIO Vision and Mission

"If people are not in good health, country development couldn't be achieved since the prime resource of the nation is it's people" With the royal word of King Rama IX, causing Dr. CBD to be part of finding out the royal wishes to improve the quality of life of the people, WE focused on bringing the benefits of Cannabis plant from research with cutting-edge technology to develop for health care, from disease to Homeostasis. For this reason, Dr. CBD's group of experts and scientists have devoted their efforts to studying and researching and developing Cannabis plants effectively. From Cultivation to Extraction and Production, it is also a center of knowledge about Cannabis plants.

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