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Dr. Kratom Bio is a specialized business in extraction and production of premium quality medical grade Kratom products.

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iimc 2023 malaysia

Health Innovations Drive: Thai Kratom’s Expansion in the ASEAN Market

integrative medicine

4th International Integrative Medicine Conference & Inaugural Asian Kratom Congress

Dr.Kratom Bio has brought the innovations of kratom to Malaysia, showcasing the potentials of the Thai herbal industry within the ASEAN market. This initiative was presented at the “4th International Integrative Medicine Conference & Inaugural Asian Kratom Congress” held at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur on August 12 – 13, 2023. It marks the collaboration between Dr. Kratom Bio and the Malaysian government, scientists, universities and AIMM (The Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia).

The genesis of Dr.Kratom Bio emerged under the umbrella of Dr.CBD, a company co-founded by experts in the field of cannabis and kratom extraction and production. In partnership with Mr.Duncan MacRae, the owner of Kratomade.com and a pioneer and expert in Mitragynine extraction from kratom, they introduced Kratomade products under the shared vision of producing the finest goods to enhance the quality and well-being of consumers. This endeavor brought about the concept of blending medical grade kratom extracts with Thai traditional healing wisdom, with plans to export this knowledge and resources globally

iimc 2023 malaysia

At this international scientific conference, we had the honor of being graced by the presence of Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Dato’ Sri Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusof, who served as the Chairman of the conference. He delivered the following statement at the opening: 

“I am delighted to observe the significant progress being made in promoting Integrative Medicine as a comprehensive approach to managing overall health and wellness.

The Inaugural Asian Kratom Congress, as part of the 4th International Integrative Medicine Conference, presents a golden opportunity for Malaysia to demonstrate its leadership in the field of Medical Kratom.

The Malaysian government is actively exploring the medicinal potential of kratom plants, particularly in terms of controlled cultivation and production. With an estimated 230 million users worldwide, the kratom industry has the potential to reach USD 16 billion by 2025. This presents a transformative opportunity for Malaysian farmers in terms of their livelihood.

About the conference

This conference will facilitate discussions on how to position the Kratom Industry strategically, ensuring that Malaysia reaps the benefits of this cash crop.

By bringing together global experts, it will also provide the Ministry of Plantation and Commodities, insights to position Malaysia as a global leader in this industry.

The principles of Integrative Medicine align well with the ‘Malaysia Madani’ concept, which is founded on the six core values of sustainability, prosperity, innovation, respect, trust and compassion. I believe this conference will serve as a perfect forum for mature discussions and to pave the way for effective actions that can contribute to our nation’s prosperity.

The Association of Integrative Medicine Malaysia (AIMM) has consistently been at the forefront of the latest developments, and I am pleased that we have the capability to host such intellectual discourse in establishing a solid evidence-based foundation for growth.

Finally, let me extend my congratulations to AIMM and the organizers of the Integrative Conferences for driving this initiative in showcasing Malaysia’s excellence and achievements on a global platform.

With this, it is with great pleasure that I declare the Inaugural Asian Kratom Congress and the 4th International Integrative Medicine Conference officially open.”

Dr.Kratom Bio aims to expand its kratom business within the ASEAN region, with the launch of health product brands from kratom extraction. This was announced during a scientific conference held in Malaysia. Mr.Pornchai Padmindra, CEO & Founder of Dr. CBD and Dr. Kratom Bio, emphasized this initiative in stating: 

“We have been expanding our kratom business for health purposes at the ASEAN level, starting with Thailand and Malaysia, seeing that we share much history and resources with Malaysia.  Dr. Kratom Bio team also collaborates closely with the Malaysian government and other stakeholders, including scientific groups, universities and cultivators.

benefit of kratom

dr. kratom bio

We take pride in our innovations and being able to serve the population, safe healthcare alternatives and solutions. Dr.Kratom Bio was the first group in Asia to work closely with professionals and leaders within Europe and America, inclusive of our partnership with the global figure Mr.Duncan MacRae, to develop, research and apply healthcare solutions related to kratom extracts, with strong emphasis on pharmacological research.

Our dedication lies in scientific research, and quality healthcare solutions for patients and health-conscious individuals under the brands Mitra G and S.tamina, with our objective on exporting products to international markets starting  2024.”


Dr.Kratom Bio  has introduced 2 brands of products tailored to meet the varying needs of consumers including:

mitra g-logo-2

Mitragynine from Kratom combined with Thai herbs. These products come from the indigenous knowledge of Traditional Thai Medicine for healing and medicinal purposes.

Mitragynine is extracted and translated into various forms of products for ease of consumption such as lozenge, instant powder, effervescent tablets, jellies and more. Kooze is suitable and safe for everyday use to simply boost and refresh the mind and body, caffeine-free.

Dr. Kratom Bio is a specialized business in the line of extraction and production of premium quality medical grade Kratom products. Dr. Kratom Bio begins, firstly with research before advancing into the development front. They use advanced technology to ensure consistency, safety and efficacy at all stages up to the final end-product. All their extracted products are medical grade based and free from pesticides and chemical contaminants.

Mitra G and Kooze, the brands under Dr. Kratom Bio, have high safety production measures to ensure high quality products, social responsibility and to forward their reputation as a globally trusted brand.

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