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Effects of kratom consumption

Effects of kratom consumption so much

Addiction to kratom by chewing leaves After chewing leaves for about 5-10 minutes, you will feel happy, energetic, not feeling hungry (no appetite) or feeling tired while working. This makes them able to work longer and tolerate more sun, but will cause fear and chills when the weather is overcast and rainy. Side effects include dry mouth. Frequent urination, loss of appetite, constipation, insomnia. If you consume a large amount of kratom leaves, it will cause numbness and nausea and vomiting, also known as kratom sickness. In cases where kratom leaves are consumed a lot or for a long period of time, it usually causes pigmentation changes in the skin area, resulting in darker and darker skin.

It has also been found that taking kratom without first removing the petioles from the leaves may cause a condition called “cysts” in the intestines because the petioles and leaves of kratom cannot digest them. Some people will have paranoid psychosis. Hallucinations thinking that the person is going to hurt and not talking well But it depends on the factors that will affect the symptoms mentioned above, such as the length of time spent on kratom and the amount used, etc.

Health effects


Most kratom users will be thin, as they will rarely have appetite. Because of the effect of the plant, it will not feel hungry or craving food. Occasional kratom user groups section After chewing the plant, it helps to be more productive. When tired, they go hungry and eat a lot.

Oral Health

Those who use the plant for a long time and chew kratom continuously for most of the day without removing the petioles. Hard stalks can prick the gums and hurt. Some take a large amount of kratom per day. Body odor and bad breath will infect the smell of kratom leaves, it is the green stench of its leaves, sometimes there will be toothache, tooth sensitivity or poor taste perception of food.


Constipation often occurs in users who chew kratom and do not spit out the pulp or swallow it. Some believe that if one chews kratom and swallows it whole, the dregs will be swallowed. The effect of the plant will last longer than the excrement of the residue. The residue of kratom causes constipation because it cannot be digested. Until it accumulates, it eventually forms a cyst condition.


Most kratom users, especially those who use them regularly, are laborers or have to work in the sun. The skin will be scorched, which can be caused by working under the hot sun for a long time.

Fear of rain

Fear of rain It usually occurs to people who use the kratom for a long time and use it in large quantities.

There are reports of studies that survey the opinions of kratom users. It states that prolonged use of kratom in excessive quantities will worsen its health. Reading slowers and also decreases concentration and memory. Therefore, it should be used only under the guidance of a specialist or doctor.

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