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kratom laws

What has the current kratom laws changed?

Kratom laws prohibit the advertising or marketing of kratom leaves, boiled kratom water to induce people to consume leaves or water mixed with harmful drugs or neurological substances, as well as dangerous substances, including prohibiting inducing, inducing, inciting, using tricks, deception, threats, or coercion.

Punishment from the requirements of the kratom laws

Boiled kratom water mixed with contraband drugs or psychotropic substances, including dangerous substances, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding 2 years or a fine not exceeding 200,000 baht or both. The penalty is imprisonment not exceeding 1 year or a fine not exceeding 100,000 baht or both.

To import or export kratom leaves according tothe kratom law . The applicant must apply for permission and obtain a permit from the NAPO and must notify each time the kratom leaves are imported or exported. However, in the event that kratom leaves are brought with them into or outside the Kingdom. For personal consumption or therapeutic purposes for the relief of illnesses of international travelers in the necessary quantities as stipulated in the Ministerial Regulations, they are exempt from obtaining a license.

However, if the quantity of kratom leaves imported or exported exceeds the limit in the ministerial regulations, the importer or exporter must apply for an additional permit.

Benefits of Kratom: Economic and Community enhancement

Support for the cultivation of kratom crops

The Kratom law has designated the office of the Narcotics Control Board (NACC) to It has an important role in promoting kratom as a valuable economic resource for the community. In addition, people are encouraged to learn techniques for efficient cultivation of kratom crops and harvest high-quality crops.

Technology research and development

P.O.S. It also focuses on supporting research in the field of kratom crop cultivation and the development of quality species. In addition, support is provided in the development of related technologies. To increase the efficiency of production and management of kratom resources.

Dissemination of knowledge

In addition, knowledge and documentation of guides, manuals, and academic books are important resources to encourage entrepreneurs with knowledge and understanding of kratom to increase their potential to take advantage of this resource without additional costs.

For the kratom tree varieties that are commonly called in Thailand, the most popular are: Red stem strain suitable for boiling, cucumber strain Suitable for chewing or boiling, gold medallion strains, the leaves are crispier than other species. The juice from the colored leaves will come out similar to sugar cane juice, crayfish tail species or pimps. The tip of the leaves looks like a crayfish tail, the species has mutated. It looks like a krathum with an astringent taste. The number of petioles is less than other varieties, it is mutated.

Of course, you can see the benefits of kratom more broadly, as well as know the requirements and laws, but those who are passionate about kratom should always study and use them properly under the laws and advice of experts.

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