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kratom tree benefit

What are the properties of kratom tree?

Thai pharmacopoeia has indicated the beneficial properties of kratom in the treatment of stomach pain. Twist solver Cure diarrhea, help relieve body aches and sedatives. Folk healers use parts of the bark and leaves to treat diarrhea, abdominal pain. Reduces dysentery pain if blood transfusion is performed. It is used to treat stomach diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and skin diseases by chewing the peeled kratom leaves and swiping off the stem, spit pulp and drinking water accordingly.

The use of kratom by folk wisdom

There is research that studies the pharmacopoeia that contains kratom as an ingredient and studies on its use in the treatment of various diseases of kratom. 7 recipes containing Kratom were found in the Book of Traditional Thai Medicine, namely Prasa Kratom Leaf, Mood Sedative. Yahanuman Jung Road Off Ocean Bloody dysentery pills Medication for twisting your head. Opium starving pills and red pills, etc. Most traditional healers use kratom to treat diseases based on knowledge passed down from ancestors. The use of Kratom-based pharmacopoeia is not allowed in various pharmacopoeia as a result, the knowledge of Thai traditional medicine is going to be lost in the future.

In addition, British and Japanese studies have published academic reports stating that the natural substances contained in kratom leaves can relieve pain. antipyretic It has the potential to develop a new analgesic. It is not as addictive as opium. While in the history of the kratom leaf is one of the tactics in the battle of soldiers because it makes them diligent, sleep well, can work to withstand the sun, endure the wind, but will not tolerate rain or cold weather, as well as use it to eat to want to quit opium. It is also used to receive guests like betel nuts and is eaten with tea.

Pharmacological kratom effect

Analgesic effect

Mitraginine acts on the central nervous system. There is another interesting substance, 7-hydroxymitragine, which has an analgesic effect stronger than morphine and also reduces constipation in the body caused by morphine use.

Effects on the gastrointestinal tract

Mitragineine has the ability to reduce duodenal contractions. In addition, kratom leaf extract has a specific effect in reducing the rate of food movement in the small intestine, which is evident when administered as a single dose.

However, when given kratom leaf extract for a period of 15-30 days, it was found that there was no effect on reducing the rate of food movement in the small intestine, which means that the gastrointestinal tract will adapt or tolerance to kratom leaf extract.

In addition, kratom leaf extract is similar in effectiveness to standard medicines in the treatment of diarrhea. Therefore, it is an alternative that should be considered in its use to treat and relieve diarrhea.

Effects on appetite

Giving kratom leaf extract can reduce the amount of food and water consumed. And with prolonged use, a decrease in body weight was observed.

Effects on blood sugar levels

Giving water extracts and methanol extracts from kratom leaves, as well as alkaloid extracts in kratom leaves, as well as mitraginine, can increase the rate of glucose introduction into muscle cells, which coincide with receptors of folk medicine that use kratom leaves in the treatment of diabetes.

Effects on skeletal muscle

Both kratom leaf extract and mitraginine relax striated muscles. This may reduce muscle aches and pains.

There have also been reports about the use of Kratom as a substitute for opioid and morphine addictions in both Thais and Malaysians. According to Tanguay, kratom was used as a substitute for heroin addiction in 2 Thais because 1 case of methadone replacement was ineffective and 1 case was not able to access methadone. Another report in Malaysia, which uses kratom to treat withdrawal symptoms of 136 people who have previously been addicted to cannabis and heroin, found that 84 per cent of all users were able to treat withdrawal symptoms from cannabis and heroin. Common side effects include weight loss and constipation.

When addicts want to stop using opioids. Heroin or morphine can cause withdrawal symptoms, which include restlessness, depression and depression. Irritability, tantrums. Goosebumps Nausea, vomiting, yawning but insomnia, muscle pain, muscle spasms, tearing, runny nose, sweating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc. This makes the addict unable to tolerate stopping the addiction. Therefore, the idea is to use kratom, which acts through opioid receptors like opium extract or morphine, as a substitute for opioid addiction. Heroin, morphine or opioid painkillers to reduce withdrawal symptoms that occur while stopping taking drugs.

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