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kratom fibrous tissue

What is kratom fibrous tissue and how dangerous is it ?

For those who consume kratom Must have knowledge and understanding or study both the properties and harms of kratom clearly, so that it does not negatively affect the body and health in the long run. However, there are still some consumers who lack an important understanding of the components that are harmful to kratom but may not be aware of it, leading to an illness caused by a condition called kratom fibrous tissue.

kratom fibrous tissue

For those who eat kratom leaves, the petioles must be removed and the pulp should not be swallowed, as this part of their leaves are a hard to digest fiber that the human body cannot digest. Including there leaves that if eaten too much. This indigestible leaf stalks, pulp and leaves will be left behind, causing a fibrosis covering the leaf debris into a hard lump in the stomach or intestines to form a fibrous tissue, which will cause frequent abdominal pain in the long run.

How to prevent kratom fibrous tissue

Symptoms of abdominal or intestinal cyst disease can be easily prevented by educating yourself on how to properly use kratom, such as swiping the stem before use, filtering out the pulp, and consuming it in moderation.

However, it should always be based on the science of using kratom for folk wisdom adoption. Since the kratom is currently removed from the drug list, it can be legally possessed, bought and sold. Therefore, it is necessary for consumers to follow up and create a correct understanding for the benefit and safety of the consumers themselves.

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